Finally after a few months of planning we were ready for the hunt. We wanted to hunt wild hogs in Texas as that seemed the closest place except California. No way were we going to that socialist paradise. Browsing the web sites took a lot of time but we wanted certain things so we went shopping. There are a lot of hunting related sights that gave good information. After many e-mails and calls we arrived upon a place that had everything we wanted including fast answers to our questions. Any time you contemplate a hunt I advise that you surf the web. It can save a lot of problems down the road by taking a few hours to search for what you want in a hunt.

Some of the questions you may ask are type of lodging and food. You may want to check on what weapons to bring as well as expected shooting ranges. In some cases there may be legal issues with the type of weapon you are thinking of bringing. Does the outfitter clean and take care of game? Are there any special dietary needs or handicap provisions if necessary? If so can the outfitter handle it? It’s important to find out these things before you plunk down your hard earned cash. Price may be a consideration in some cases as is cancellation privileges in the event of an unforeseen emergency. Letting the outfitter know these things up front will enable him to make your hunt more enjoyable. Since my running gear is in poor shape I can appreciate a considerate outfitter. On a non guided hunt you will check other things such as license requirements and camping areas. If you don’t know the lay of the land it’s the only sensible way to go. You will need to explore the area where you are going to hunt in order to increase your chances of success.

As I said boars were our primary target but they were very shy during the three day hunt. I saw one but he took off as soon as I saw him and the other 2 amigos saw some the first night but were unable to get off a shot. We were all carrying Model 03-A3 Springfield’s in the good ol 30-06 caliber. In spite of quite a few magnum rifles I own I feel that the 30-06 is the best all around caliber adequate for 90 % of any hunting situation you are going to get into. They all have scopes from 3 to 4 power which was perfect for this hunt. I have designed and made some 185 grain TRI/CORS hoping to try then on a hog or two. Oh well no guarantees in hunting.

The weather was cool and windy which probably didn’t help. There was a morning frost while we were there. Maybe the hogs don’t like to move in windy weather as it blunts their sense of smell and hearing. Wild hogs are cautious and spooky animals. By the way they are also very intelligent especially the older ones. Also if you want turkey look no further as they are popular game birds in Texas. They were all over the place and at one point I saw about 100 birds. Of course they weren’t in season but it was enjoyable watching them. Like the turkeys Whitetail deer were in abundance and also a no no for hunting purposes as they were out of season. I did shoot a couple with a camera at close range. Anytime you are outdoors hunting, life is good.

We ended up shooting three Axis deer and a Blackbuck antelope all 1 shot kills. Ranges were from 25 to about 150 yards. Axis deer and Blackbucks are fairly small game weighing less then 100 pounds in most cases though Axis deer can get larger. Like all deer their hearing is good and some stealth is required to bag one. We were hunting on 1700 acres located in central Texas so the game has plenty of places to hide in the thick brush which is abundant. The two amigos with me were new hunters but they did well due to good preparation. They spent a lot of time getting to know their rifles and learning bullet placement. Now they are hooked and can’t wait to go back. With the attacks on hunting it’s always a good thing to get new people involved.

There are several important things to be gained from a good hunt. The game is important as success is always sweet. By the way Axis deer is top notch eating as good as any meat I have ever eaten. It ranks with Antelope and Elk, my two favorites, as best meat.

Satisfaction overall is also an important ingredient in a hunt. But the most important thing is meeting new people and making friends with them. Life is good when you get to spend quality time with your amigos and make new friends at the same time.